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Bend It Like Beckham

Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Meyers, Anupam Kher, Archie Punjabi, Shaheen Khan, Frank Harper, Juliet Stevenson, Ameet Chana

Bend It Like Beckham" breaks no new ground - after all, has there even been a year that filmmakers have eschewed productions about inter-cultural rivalries and generational gaps? But this one is exceptional for the genre. No mindless, Adam Sandler-like "Waterboy" which reaches for the audience gut by finding a clown that everyone picks on but who shows 'em all up by the end, "Beckham" sneaks its theme easily and entertainly into the story, on the side of the angels in urging parents to avoid pushing their conventional expectations onto children who have been born into a different cultural world. Mr. Bhamra regrets that he gave in to social demands when the British subjects in Kenya laughed at his regular use of a turban and refused to allow him to enter into their competitions. Rather than use his resentment to fight for his daughter, he has unconsciously passed on his disillusionment in much the way that an abused child will pass on the brutality he has received to his own children.

Both the white English mom (Juliet Stevenson) and the Indian mother are fit subjects for Chadha's satiric eye, the former for her general ditziness and her conviction that soccer playing has turned her daughter, Jules, into a lesbian; and the latter for overly protecting her little girl, trying to fit her into the dull conformity of cooking chapatis and masalas coupled with marriage to a traditional Indian boy.

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