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Hall of Fame Shah Rukh Khan

Hall of Fame Shah Rukh Khan

What is it about Shah Rukhan that makes the viewer gravitate towards the cinema halls the day his new film hits the big screen? What is the secret of this man's mammoth success in an industry where actors emerge and disappear before one can bat one's eyelids?

This book essays to answer these questions, and more, as it probes into the life of the charismatic individual since he set his feet on planet earth. . . literally. What it endeavours to unfold is how Shah Rukh had all those qualities that went into making him really special right from his days as a child. Bright as a student in school, a keen sports enthusiast, really intelligent in college: somehow, it always seemed that he had everything in him that is necessary to make it big. Today, and not surprisingly, he has.

Presenting a portrait of the superstar with facts and stories you have never read before. And with photographs you have never seen earlier."

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