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Ajay Devgan, Gracy Singh

By the river Ganga lies the imaginary district town of Tejpur in Bihar. Amit Kumar, played by Ajay Devgan, is the new Superintendent of Police.

In Tejpur Amit encounters an ensemble of colourful characters. The uncrowned emperor – Sadhu Yadav, his debauched son Sundar, the self-righteous journalist Rabidas, the policemen who close their eyes to everything around… The beedi-smoking corrupt DSP Bhurelal Yadav, the policeman who inspired by Amit makes life-transforming choices.

Amit tries to breathe life into the decaying police force and some of his officers began to trust him and respond. But the shackles of the corrupt system are too strong to break. The cynicism of the disillusioned townsmen doesn’t help either. They are blocked at every juncture and often humiliated. Inspiration gives way to frustration. This leads them to seek reckless solutions. And a weapon of revenge is accidentally discovered. This weapon of purification becomes a symbol of purification in the hands of the common people. Suddenly a spineless society transforms into a mob on a crusade for justice and revenge.

The ordinary citizen is suddenly empowered, but dangerously. Soon the lines become blurred – what is right? What is just? Amit finds himself in a dilemma. His wife, Anuradha (Gracy Singh), acts as his conscience keeper. She is deeply pained by what is happening around her and questions him every step of the way. Amit, disturbed and frustrated, withdraws from her.

He must make a choice.

He knows – what is socially just is not necessarily morally right.

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