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Akbar The Great DVD 10 Disc Set Akbar Khan

AKBAR THE GREAT: The magnificent and moving story of "Jalaluddin Mohammed, known to posterity as "Akbar The Great" is chronicled in this mega - epic which vividly re - captures one of the most dazzling and outstanding accounts of chivalry valour and statesmanship in the history of the world. The brilliant exploits and the invincible might of the mughal armies as they raze one enemy castle after another, are marvelously sublimated by this supreme philosopher king as he introduces radical solutions for a strife - torn kingdom in the form of Din - E - Ilahi the divine faith and Sulh - I - kul universal brotherhood as the ideology of an Empire. An awe-inspiring narrative of the transformation of India from a trouble - torn & warning geographical mass, into a harmonious, prosperous and patriotic nation pledged to uphold equality, fraternity and liberty long before the modern world discovered these virtues. Watch the brilliant and fascination story of "Akbar The Great". The serial has been produced and directed by Akbar Khan, a well established motion picture producer, director and leading film actor. The first fifteen episodes of the TV Serial "The Sword of Tipu Sultan" directed by him, have already received worldwide praise. Although the scenario - script of the serial has been developed and written by our team of eminent writers, all events and happening that appears in the episodes have been drawn from various historical books and therefore are authentic Looking at the vastness of this historical subject and with the mind to obtain top quality of the works, the serial is produced on a top scale budget. To recreate the magical splendour of the Mughal Era. A team of 200 skilled professional comprising art directors, masons, carpenters and moudlers have worked relentlessly for 6 months constructing palaces, townships, gardens and pavallions at Jaipur. Exotic Designs of costumes and jewellery have been obtained from historical records and museums, to project the authenticity of the period. Replicas of canons, guns, artillery, palanquins, chariots and tents have specially been made. Thousand of people and animal forces have been used lavishly for war sequences. Priceless antiques have been brought from museums to enrich their magnificent television epic english subtitles
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