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American Desi

Purva Bedi Deep Katdare Anil Kumar

In Piyush Dinker Pandya's vibrant debut feature, the thoroughly Americanized Krishnagopal Reddy (Deep Katdare) feels exhilarated upon leaving his parents' home (and their traditional Indian ways) for his first year of college. But that feeling is quickly punctured when he discovers his three roommates are also Indian. "Kris"--the nickname he vehemently insists on being called--initially shuns his roommates and recoils from their easy acceptance of his Indian roots. But he soon finds himself seeking their help, guidance, and jocular companionship when he falls hard for a beautiful Indian girl, Nina (Purva Bedi). The young actors who play Kris's Indian friends steal the show. Their performances, particularly Ronobir Lahiri as the warmhearted artist, Jagjit, and Kal Penn as the hilariously manic, hip-hop-obsessed Ajay, provide very memorable flourishes. Visually, the film is swirling with a wealth of textures and colorings, but its diversity is most clearly reflected in its outstanding soundtrack, which features David Bowie, South Asian band Penn Masala, Indian hip-hop group Karmacy, and U.K. deejay Panjabi MC. Pandya tells this musical, culturally aware coming of age story in a playful, open style, making AMERICAN DESI not merely a sum of its delirious collection of parts, but, by virtue of its sincere heart, a relaxed, joyous celebration.

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